Friday, April 27, 2007

a word about WELLNESS

You'll note that this is a photo of Artemis and not Wellness. That's because we're not feeding our puppy Wellness any longer. And that's because of a little thing called the runs.

When we decided to adopt little Gordy we bought tons of things we'll never end up using and ultimately did a lot of research on what food to feed him. Oh, the countless hours I spent not doing work and reading pet food reviews. How I miss thee!

We decided on Wellness Puppy Super5 Mix . We had read (mostly) great reviews, it was readily available in the neighborhood, the ingredients looked great, and it was proudly made in the USA.

Sadly, this food did not work out like we thought it would.... It seemed that the direct ratio of Wellness that we transistioned into Gordy's pre-existing Science Diet kibble diet (from the breeder) equated to the direct ratio of the ...ahem...softness of Gordy's daily business. Nevermind the excessive flatulence, albeit highly amusing.

Anyway, as usual, I took to the Googling and found some disappointing information. It turns out that a lot of dogs are having this problem. And not just because of it's pre-decribed "richness"... moreso because Wellness decided to change the formula a few months back and supposedly neglected to mention it to anyone.

In the end, I am not recommending this food. Their new formula seems to have caused nothing but problems, they actually have been tied into the massive recall (wet food only), they supposedly are continuing to include ingredients which, since their launch, scientists have deemed harmful to pets, and ........the basic fact that Gordy has the runs. If you're doing great with Wellness, I salute you. We have happily switched to Artemis and couldn't be happier. I'll leave you to your own fun with the search engines and potential procrastination that ensues.

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