Thursday, May 31, 2007

bestill my beating heart: deadly squire dog beds

I am lovin' every minute of what Deadly Squire has to offer me. Maybe if I didn't spend so much time online prattling on about my personal life, I too could self start a company with the hus' and make beautiful, beautiful music in the form of fabric patterns and functionality. Oh, to dream...

But back to business: LOVE me some Medium Size Dog Beds. Shown above in (clockwise from top left): Wandering Oak, Feasting at the Berry Bush, Groundskeeper's Cameos, and Black Birds After the Harvest... I am delirious with greed and intimidation by their cleverness. Gordy, meanwhile, is none the wiser and has satisfied his need for comfort in the interim with an old towel he so lovingly pulls down from atop his crate every morning and fashions into a custom made doggy den in the sun. But Dog! I ask you! Is this not better?

They also offer just about everything else you could think of in these (plus more) patterns. Like what, pre tell? Oh, some baby bibs, men's ties , totes, oven mitts, placemats, pillows, trays, pouches... ETC! They have basically answered almost every little prayer I have called upon God for once upon a time in my need for practicality. To boot, they have free desktop downloads.

Deadly Squire, you torture me so. And I love you for it.

available at:

(photos courtesy of deadly squire)

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