Sunday, May 6, 2007

buddy belts!

These are BUDDY BELTS! And I want one!

Did I say want? I meant need.

Okay, I'll admit it, when I first saw these at my favorite neighborhood pet store ( PS 9 in case you're interested) I thought they were giant sunglasses. But oh, was I wrong! They're harnesses made with love and thoughtfulness towards comfort and style, created by a woman named Roxanne Pettipas. If you check out the incredibly informative site you'll read all about how these began as a "hand-cut labor of love" and turned into something much, much bigger. We're big fans of their conscientiousness to fit and support, the fact they're crafted by hand, and of course, the ever-changing color palette to dazzle the senses.

Currently, Gordy has a surprisingly attractive (and inexpensive!) collar/leash combo from Old Navy. We are well aware, however, that we'll have to move into Harness Town once we actually start taking him on walks. In a surprising act of self restraint I am waiting to purchase one of these until he stops growing (holy crap, he's already 8.5 lbs!) but once he evens out, it's onto the Buddy Belt and I will never look back!

But I have to mention, I read a review stating that one pug owner felt it looked like a sports bra (she meant this in a good way) and we're already struggling with Gordy's appetite for all things pink and womanly.... but I think it goes without saying that we're past it at this point.

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