Monday, May 14, 2007


Well, what do you know. After a trip to My New Vet, we have discovered that BILL gave Gordy not two but THREE vaccines he didn't need. This one, Leptospirosis, is commonly transferred to dogs via.... raccoon pee. Given our urban dwelling and prescribed advice (from BILL) not to take him outside, this would only seem logical, right? Uh...

But the real development was that an hour or two before I took Gordy in, he was developing the cough of an elderly man. A cough I can only describe as... very phlegmy. In the midst of our chat with the vet, Gordy took the opportunity to demonstrate this approximately four times and the vet decided to nebulize. Our little dude was placed inside what I feel at liberty to call a plastic coffin which was then covered with a black garbage bag. And then the gas was pumped in...

Believe me when I tell you that when Gordy suddenly decided to take a little nap five minutes in, I was convinced he was dead. Agnes the Tech gave me many looks that read, "Chill, woman!" and... of course, he eventually emerged victorious, if not a little bit high.

What I am summarizing for you is that, in My New Vet's opinion, this was all brought on by BILL feeling at liberty to give Gordy this cocktail of vaccines. The Bordetella vaccine, as I understand it, is a live vaccine which gives animals a mild strain of the virus. I think we're all familiar with this concept. The problem is that sometimes these little puppies with pre-exisiting shortened respiratory systems (pugs, bulldogs, etc.) develop the virus enough so that it causes problems. And Gordy is one of these puppies. And I basically want BILL to die now. The other thing to consider is that it's possible that since he's still so young and was given oh, SIX VACCINES IN ONE DAY (but who's counting?), his immune system might have been further weakened and made him much more vulnerable to Old Man Cough. Sweet weeping Jesus.

Regardless, he seems to be doing fine now. Sleeping the day away, as usual. My New Vet finally tested him for Giardia and other parasites so we're awaiting results. If Old Man Cough returns, he'll get nebulization number two in the morning.

And just as a disclaimer, I do not want one to read this and criticize me for being a vaccine phobe. It's just my personal point of view and I am very confident that if your dog has gotten twice as many vaccines and continues to get boosters on an annual basis (we'll save that for another soapbox) and you're super psyched about it, I am sure it's fine... for you. To each their own, I say! But do your research. And then do some more research. And then get a second opinion.

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