Saturday, May 12, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: puppy kindergarten begins

We have enrolled Gordy in Puppy Kindergarten and his first class was today. My little man is growing up! Either you're familiar with this concept or you think we're yuppie freaks. Regardless, it's ten tons of fun because Gordy gets to learn things like..... his name. And it's also an opportunity for him to socialize with other puppies in a monitered setting. And by monitered, I mean by Denise of the NYC branch of Empire of the Dog.

We were off to somewhat of a slow start because other than Gordy, there was only one additional attendee: Maya.

Oh, Maya. Tiny Miniature Pinscher bedazzled with a bracelet collar and a pointy little nose. We love you.

It was a rocky relationship at first, if only for the fact that Gordy was significantly larger than Lil' M and the playtime techniques were a little under-developed. But they worked it out and stood by eachother, even when the Ultimate Alpha Dog himself, a.k.a. Boss, arrived. Boss is an insanely beautiful German Shepherd/Huskie mix. To say they were in awe of him would be an understatement. Believe me when I tell you they worship him. They practically beg him to give them the time of day. Which, of course, he was much to busy to do in the beginning. He eventually allowed them a few simple interactions including a demonstration of his various callisthenics and impeccable sit/stay routines. There were also several instances where Boss's singular bark startled Gordy into releasing and handing over whatever toy he was focused on at that moment... but there were no hard feelings. Only adoration...

We're hoping the class doesn't get cancelled or postponed due to lack of attendence so that we can all continue to oggle at Boss's overall glory. And I guess it wouldn't be so bad if Gordy learned his name.

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