Friday, May 11, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: vet from hell

Awhile back I mentioned my disgust with a certain vet I will simply call BILL. BILL recommended Science Diet to me which is a food, it turns out, I am completely opposed to. It wasn't so much the recommendation after awhile. I knew better than that. It was that I felt we didn't see eye to eye and we never would. Also the fact that he's a pompous douche. Regardless, we had Gordy's final vaccines scheduled with BILL and we decided to follow through given that we're smart, educated to separate our asses from our elbows if you will. Hindsight, you are 20/20!

Without boring you with painstaking recounts of our dialog - dialog which I will relive vividly as I attempt to drift off to sleep every night for the next three weeks of my life - I will cut to the climax and tell you that BILL gave little Gordy two additonal vaccines I did not want and he absolutely did not need. And never bothered to mention that we was doing so. No discussion. Zero. I discovered this fact only after I had already paid and was reviewing the receipt he printed out for me. Don't even get me started on the fact that he noted the combo vaccine as being the second round as opposed to the third. Honestly, that would have been enough. Nor do I want to get into the details of his professional advice regarding Gordy's sudden pee-for-all to be to do an internet search.

In case you're curious, these two vaccines are Corona and Bordetella. Corona is a virus common to young puppies... i.e. puppies that are usually six weeks or younger. Gordy, for the record, is almost 12 weeks old. Furthermore, most major veterinary institutions haven't seen this virus in about 7-10 years. Texas A&M did a huge study a few years back which resulted in a letter and subsequent lawsuit against vets who were unneccessarily giving this vaccine to adult dogs. Awesome!

Bordetella, on the other hand, is a more common vaccine given to dogs who are about to be boarded or who are regularly shown. Gordy, again for the record, is not about to be boarded nor to we have plans to subject him to any vast quanities of questionable canines. I'd also like to mention that it's also a live vaccine that could end up causing Gordy problems. Hey, thanks BILL! Love ya tons!

The bottom line: you can't trust anyone.

In the meantime I made a somewhat crazed call to the more holistic vet in the area that we had been keeping on the backburner to have a chat. I have an appointment with this woman on Monday to discuss how to proceed, finally get him tested for common parasites, and to generally talk trash...

Meanwhile, I will be in the bathroom vomiting up my rage as Gordy sadly snoozes the day away in a drugged stupor...

To be continued...

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