Saturday, May 26, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: visitors

I am having a very difficult time composing this post. This is mostly due to the fact that I am being asked about Mexican capital cities and movies and schedules and restaurants THE ENTIRE TIME. By whom, pre tell? The husband. And why? THE PARENTS. In my case, THE IN LAWS. In Gordy's case, THE GRANDPARENTS.... They have come to stay for the weekend and bask in a little Gordy Glory. Meanwhile it is 90+ degrees Fahrenheit outside and that basically means I am dead and writing this post from beyond.

This weekend marks not only the unofficial start of summer but also the first of three weekends where grandparents will come to pay us all a visit. Gordy could not be happier. Yesterday morning was a pleasant trip on foot around the neighborhood. Gordy's now powering through multiple blocks with straightforward ease, depending on how many cigarette butts tempt him in his path. We took him to Brooklyn Label and he was quite the gentleman throughout. Afterwards, we all collectively bailed on taking an even longer walk to the park and instead chilled inside by our new fan. Gordy was happy to spend the rest of the afternoon showing off and being adored. I, meanwhile, was happy to take a nap and transform into the lazy sack of uselessness that I become every summer once the temperature hits anything above 80.

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