Friday, May 18, 2007

shiny paw + martha

I sort of can't resist posting about the Shiny Paw line of natural shampoos etc. showcased (cough... endorsed) on The Martha Stewart Show this morning. As it notes on the Shiny Paw website, "The company’s flagship line of Shiny Paw™ products offer a unique and highly effective blend of pet coat and skin care treatments that combine natural and therapeutic ingredients with fragrant aromatherapy formulations to unleash the gentle cleansing, healing, and restorative power of nature."

Apparently Martha didn't enjoy the "fragrant aromatherapy formulations", however, so they specifically obliged her requests and wouldn't you know, scent free versions will be launching within the next month or so.

I am less concerned with Gordy's olfactory needs and have already taken a virtual stroll to Shiny Paw's online store in pursuit of their ear cleaner... so persuasively demonstrated on Kyle MacLachlan's humble little dog, Sam.

I'll admit it, I was truly charmed by Sam as he stood quivering in his towel lined washbin whilst Martha showed Kyle the ropes of flawless dog bathing techniques. Here's a little run through in case you missed it.

And on top of everything else, l have since discovered that Kyle has his very own website for his dogs... called, what else? THE ADVENTURES OF MOOKIE AND SAM! Fascinating is the only word that can be used to describe...

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