Friday, May 25, 2007

JAX & BONES: Instant Karma

Today, Gordy is fancy free... which isn't so rare. But he has a new love in his life (scoot over, Scully!) named Jerry. Jerry, of long neck and saffron coloring... who can see all the abandoned animals out there that need loving homes - so says the tag. Gordy can sleep well tonight knowing that his new boy-toy will free his spirit and max out his karma because for every little rope dude like Jerry that gets thrown his way, "another forgotten animal will become a cherished family member". That's because Jax and Bones (one of our favorite favorites) donates profits for every single Good Karma Rope Toy to an organization called Rescue Train. I wish every rope toy we had was so cute, dyed so naturally, and gave me such a zen sense of well being.

So thanks Jax and Bones! Thanks Rescue Train organization! Thanks me! I am feeling so smug in the aftermath of paying it forward that I might just something productive today. Like invent a time machine.

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