Wednesday, May 16, 2007


We are so in love with preppy array of collars, leads, and id tags at MASCOT right now! Our personal picks are the Old School Repp collars and the matching leads. These make me imagine that little Gordy is like Andrew McCarthy's character in Class, getting ready to embark on an adventure towards manhood and maturity. Oh wait, you didn't see that one?

I have to note that I am also starting to fall in love with the textural appeal of the Sailors Knot line. Sweet bank account, have mercy on me! My only wish is that they'd bust out with some harnesses for the uh....respiratorily challenged set (of which Gordy is so recently a proud member)!

But remember.... never was there a leash that cannot be combined with ugly or plain harness to make your little one feel fashionable. Touche!

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