Monday, May 28, 2007

PARKHAUS, messiness, excuses, etc...

Here's something pretty AND practical. Thank you, Parkhaus Berlin for providing me with something random and useful for the dog owner (or, okay, you don't have to own a dog) to talk about on this Memorial Day afternoon. And thank you ICFF for reminding me about this.

We have a lot of nonsense in our house right now. I think adopting a dog does that to a person. There are the toys we bought, the toys our friends bought, the toys the family bought (we're married and don't have children - the wedding's over and there's not a lot else to celebrate). Then there are the treats, the grooming products, the brush, the wipes, the Bon Tons. Not to mention roughly One Million Kongs. So our cup runneth over.... literally. And if you think I am getting a little too excited about having a well designed recepticle for all of the above... well, you're right.

I don't yet own this. I like this. I don't like ugly things. I like having somewhere to put things and, should I take a tumble, I like that I will not end up like what's her name in Million Dollar Baby... which, by the way, so SHOULDN'T have won the Oscar. And, okay if a little wee one ever seems like a good idea, I guess we wouldn't have to throw this away.

So there.

There are tons of little delights cranking out of the Parkhaus gang. And if one is clever one will find other whatnots for the dog. Or not. It doesn't really seem like it, but I do have consumer interests outside of Gordy. But either way, it looks like their webshop is still pending so I'll just have to be patient and maintain my current cluttered lifestyle. Life is hard, no?

(photos from parkhaus)

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