Saturday, May 5, 2007


Today we took a stroll to Eva's Play Pups for what they call Puppy Playgroup. This marked our first attempt to socialize Gordy with other puppies. Mission: accomplished... by way of a delightful little fellow french bulldog named Chachi. I hate to say it, but I think the best part of the entire afternoon was seeing Gordy's shocking ferocity when an unsolicited hump began. I believe Chachi's owner's direct quote was,"Give em hell, Gordo!"

It would be no exaggerration to say that this entire experience Blew. Gordy's. Mind. He went on to sleep the entire afternoon and to be much more concientious of how hard he bites. We'll love you forever, Chachi.

Next week we'll return to Eva's Play Pups to start a basic obedience class offered to puppies six months and younger. Chachi won't be there because he's already graduated. And believe me when I tell you he knows how to high five and jump on a skateboard (the latter of which I did not witness, sadly). We're like, so jealous.