Saturday, May 19, 2007


Meet Scully!

Created and distributed by Room Candy, "Scully the Skull" has perked Gordy's interests like no other. Given to us by a very benevolent friend of ours soon after Gordy's arrival, it was love at first sight. I theorized it was because it was brand new, his first plush toy, and, let's face it, sort of resembles Gordy in a somewhat morbid way... but this love affair has proven the test of time.

Gordy adores Scully. It was the first toy with which he could show off the proud prance that comes with the thrill of being able to carry around something lightweight and huge in one's mouth... and eventually, the first toy that he ever shook around violently and, oops.... transformed him into a mildly aggressive Alpha male even after we took it away. So Scully and Gordy had a trial separation. But now he's back and Gordy's psyched and will happily distract himself by romantically slobbering all over it whilst I'm feeling lazy and watching syndicated television shows. Thanks, Scully!

Another friend has recently bestowed Joey the Monkey upon us and it's a similar level affection but only on a test run basis so Scully doesn't get hurt in the process. I am recently discovering that Room Candy has an entire collection of toys for small dogs ranging from donuts to pigs in shirts. It's a proverbial singles bar!

Xoxo, Scully. You may be dirty now and not just a little bit crusty... but you're ours.

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