Wednesday, May 23, 2007

salvor fauna

Were we asked to comment on the concept of decorating one's life with "dog themed" ephemera, we would promptly persuade to AVOID AT ALL COSTS. But holler! Fauna Salvor does it right with their dog emblazoned pillows and for real, we are having a hard time deciding where to draw the line.

We've been loving Salvor (or is it Fauna?) for awhile now. We used to buy it at a charming Kiosk on Spring Street where many a gift item slash personal wardrobe addition has been purchased there over the years. We have since sat back and watched their many transformations... It seems it's now not so much a joint effort between Salvor but just Kiosk or is it that Kiosk is Kiosk and Salvor is not there (making bags?) but the screenprinted stuff is now Fauna Salvor which is part of, or turned into, or is at least representented by Areaware? Totes can't keep track. But do we really need the nitty gritty to appreciate plain ol' style? Nawwwww...

We love these. The end.

95 Spring Street
NYC, NY 10012