Friday, June 8, 2007

ella dish me up

Continuing my week of posts of a personal nature, I would like to celebrate the fact that Gordy is now... stylin'.

Do not be confused! That is not my dog... but that is my new favorite Ella Dish harness/collar/lead pattern being so humbly modeled...

The Ella Dish Candy Stripe lead in the Clementine (orange/blue/green) color way won me over last weekend and, try as I might, I barely got through two days without handing over my credit card for District Dog to do with what they will. I tossed, I turned, and eventually took it as a sign that it was in stock when we stopped inside on the way to the park the other day. Could I resist these colors which so perfectly accentuate Gordy's coloring, not to mention suddenly make his plain ol' choco-brown harness suddenly look so very handsome? We all know the answer is NO. So there you go. And my bank account weeps.

I really love Ella Dish. I love her passion for colorful/stylish/well made collars, harnesses, and leads. I like buying things from successful self-starters who started as a labor of love and live in my city. And I like that little pug who models everything on the Ella Dish site with a mild look of distress.

So Gordy's happy, we're happy, he continues to be the Toast of Greenpoint, bringing women and children to their knees wherever he strolls.

Shown: Lifesaver, Clementine, & Bazooka
$30 and up

(photos from ella dish)