Wednesday, June 6, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: eat your heart out, lassie

I meant to post this sooner but I have been a little busy what with our assorted guests and my need to get actual work done. In the meantime, Gordy has launched his modeling career... and I can't believe that S.O.B. beat me to the punch!

Our story of fame and fortune begins with a humble email from Giant Magazine. They heard I had an ultra attractive French Bulldog (the word's out!) and wanted to know if I would be willing to whore him out for a day so he could be featured in a "Must Have" fashion shoot in DUMBO. I didn't want to get all Jean Benet on my little dude but I was like, Uh YEAH! ...And can my mom come too?

The day was long and sweaty but Gordy, as usual, was a star. They dressed him in chains and held his little body in provocative ways for no less than two hours (four if you count waiting time). Was it the fatigue that made him so malleable, chill and UTTERLY MAGNIFICENT throughout? Or should I hire an agent now?

Regardless, he dazzled us all. Look for his fifteen minutes in the upcoming issue of Giant set to hit stores circa August.

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