Friday, June 15, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: homeless

We have been on a bit of blog hiatus while we went into full nomadic mode whilst The Evil Film Crew returned to upheave our sorry, greedy lives once more.

In other news, I have a pure bred dog. I know, I know... breaking news. There were many circumstances that have brought me to this point and I am very happy about it. When pressed, I would actually still really encourage anyone else to adopt a stray or mixed breed from a shelter.... but I had my reasons.

Regardless, now the big question is, Are you going to show him? Are you going to breed him? etc. The answer to both of the above is no. My husband would attest that's because he's a genetic defect (read: umbilical hernia) but it's mostly it's because I think the entire concept is super weird... albeit it fascinating. In fact, it turns out that if I did want to breed him, there are all sorts of DNA advancements that would allow me to predetermine all sorts of crazy stuff about my little dude's kin. Breeders are in an uproar and say it takes away their CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

Read more HERE.

So Gordy will remain childless and his star might never shine Westminister style. But you'll be happy to know that this week he has successfully mastered both HIS NAME and THE PUPPY PUSHUP. So we're like, really proud.