Friday, June 29, 2007

kiehl's: looks like we've made it

So Kiehl's formulated some dog shampoo, did they? I had no idea!

A fellow dog owner named Lisa emailed me this hot little tip and I went to check it out and spend all my money like the constant consumer-in-denial that I am. Cuddly Coat Shampoo formulated for ALL types of dogs?! Chamomile?! Efficacious and gentle cleansing ingredients?! Sign me up...

But sadly, it's out of stock. Both the shampoo and conditioning rinse. Until further notice. I could opt for the Spray-n-Play but it would just be a rebound product.

So I will wait. And Gordy will have to suffer the slums of his pathetic Earth Bath products. Sure, it makes his coat silky and lustrous, but I mean, I need to feel like I have really made it in this modern day and age. Where does it use the word efficacious on this crappy mass marketed label?

Truly, I kid. I actually love Earth Bath and I also actually really love me some Kiehl's in a non yuppie sort of way. Their products are super natural and kind to my skin. They also seem like a relatively ethical company who do some really good things from time to time. So, I am crossing both right and left sets of fingers that when I find the time to stroll into the actual Kiehl's store, I can delight in their one constant: the freebie sample. Otherwise, where there's a will, there's a.... eBay.
$12 and up

(photos from kiehl's)

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