Monday, July 16, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: mystic gordy

Gordy enjoyed a romantic weekend near Mystic, Connecticut recently. While I marveled at all this tiny coastal town had to offer (farm fresh ice cream, stars in the sky, pretending I too was a down and out poor girl on the verge of womanhood a la 1988's Mystic Pizza) it was little Gordy's first opportunity to run free, sans harness, sans limitations.. and, dare I say, sans bravery. The reality was he could have ventured off into the wilderness at any moment and made buds with all manner of snake and furry wildlife. I wielded him around on his leash for awhile (much to the amusement of the people living nearby, I might add) before we determined he was too chicken to stroll out of eye site. And what resulted was the best weekend of our little dude's life. And wouldn't you know, a romance sparked...

They met without fanfare but Daphne's owners commented it was a good sign that she was neither barking or trying to bite off Gordy's face. A love affair ensued that lasted through the weekend. Witness the romantic splendor in the grass:

I guess one of the most touching things about this series of photos is that Gordy seems to quite literally be floating on the wings of love throughout.

He will spend the next few days back in Brooklyn, brooding over love lost. If you're wondering why Daphne looks a little hateful in these photos, it's because she sort of is. Mostly towards new people and, as we soon learned, SLR cameras? Her owners claimed it might remind her of her electric fence. Oh.

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