Monday, July 2, 2007

i want to bed my dog.

You think you know everything when you first get a dog, but you're wrong. You're all, My dog will soooooooooo love this cuddly donut-y style bed from some place like Bowsers because it's all snuggly, warm, and safe like the wombs from which we were all sourced. And in our case, maybe he sort of did for awhile. At least those times that he sampled them in stores. Whilst strangers took photos, I might add. However, the reality is that he ultimately prefers the flat, welcoming arms of the shirt or towel you left on the floor. Or sometimes he likes to take it up a notch and sprawl flat across the decorative pillows strewn either on or off the couch. So Dog, I might give in.

I have already been browsing the fine World Wide Web (have you heard of it?) and have found many contenders. No decisions have been made but I am at least thus far impressed with what's out there. For example, Jax & Bones's fine line of customizable doggy comfort. Square, rectangular, round. What seems like a million print options. Removable, washable covers and all of it proudly made in the US of A.

I am still looking for earth friendly, sustainable options, however, so the quest continues... Gordy, meanwhile, has settled onto a pink and red Orla Keily towel which I will now be forced to donate to him and has never been happier.
$102 and up

(photos from jax & bones )