Tuesday, July 17, 2007

yoghurt voor hunds


Frozen yogurt. FOR DOGS. And in Gordy's case: it's great to be alive.

We took a long, hot stroll to and from PS9 this afternoon and at some point I decided Gordy was worthy of such bourgeois dog treatment. I was intrigued by Yoghund's organic content and I bought a box of four tiny Ben&Jerry's-esque cartons... and admitted to myself the possibility that it was maybe because it was I who was so secretly craving Banana and Peanut Butter Fro-Yo. But that's neither here nor there...

He, of course, LOVES IT. Right before I offered it to him, I reflected on how ornery and independent he has become as of late and I briefly imagined that he'd take a few licks of this frozen goodness, walk away, and give me the hairy eyeball as if to say, "His Majesty requests a turkey sandwich now, please". But au contrair. The only hairy eyeball I received was to seemingly ask for another.

And guess what? I can, in the future, should I need or want to, buy party sized packs and year long supplies and they will come shipped to me packaged in dry ice in a reusable container. Gordy can only dream...

$6 and up

(photos from yoghund)


jeremysomething said...

you can find that in manhattan too: http://www.thebarkingzoo.com/ !!!

Amy Azzarito said...

Confess. Did you have a taste?