Monday, August 27, 2007

one man's old journey albums, another pet owner's treasure...

Gordy recently celebrated six months of existence in this climate crisis ridden world. We've been looking for ways to commemorate the occasion...

I noticed these pet portraits at PS9 awhile back but never took the time to fully inspect them until recently. Could that be my Gordo stenciled, spraypainted, and forever immortalized on a old LP record album? Well... yeah!

Be it dog, cat, or... horse, Wing NYC will ultimately do whatever your little heart desires. All you have to do is choose a photograph, colors, and a surface (an album being the default). Then you email it to Wing NYC and wait for the magic to happen. There's all sorts of other options like adding the pet's name in the font of your choice, buying the stencil itself, or...hey, adding your own beautiful face along side your faithful friend! And I'll let your imagination run wild with that notion.

Bottom line, it's a clever way of reusing what would otherwise clutter the landfills and digging ourselves out of extinction. And how can that be bad?
$100 and up

(photo courtesy of wing nyc)

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