Thursday, November 1, 2007

total furmination

I'll admit it:

Young Gordon posesses a wirey, wiley fur that creeps off his body onto my dark denim wash in such a way that it both adheres itself impossibly and makes me feel like The Dog Lady. To be honest, I am starting to not even notice it anymore - a bad sign, no?

But there's hope!

When we got to talking to either pet or shop owners, THE FURMINATOR was the solution that repeatedly came up. When I was first told about this amazing device I was all, Hey! Didn't I see an Infomercial about that after the late movie ended and Soul Train was over? But touche, once I found it new and unopened for half price on eBAY, this simple little gadget (available in small, medium, large, cat, and equine) turned out to be the answer to our prayers.

Sure, when I forget to use it for a week or so at a time, I'm back to my hair covered ways. And sure, when I choose to Furminate on my lap, I am no better off than when I was before. But my little mister basks in this undercoat releasing yellow apparatus and will actually snuggle up happily whilst being pampered in this way. This from the dog who preferred combs to Kongs for most of his puppyhood... and, by the way, would freak every time we tried to sneak a grooming session which usually resulted in utter failure even during covert naptime attacks. But now we are, as they say, happy campers. Non-hairy ones at that.

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