Monday, November 5, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: a fond farewell to puppy k two

Oh, Puppy K. We truly missed you over the weekend as we were left with nary a social/training/playdate obligation for Gordy and were simulataneously lamenting having to put tricks class on hold. For that matter, while we were in Virginia, graduation took place so we could share neither the triumph of completion nor offer imagery of all of Gordy's skills put to good use. We can however offer you what summarizes the other facets of Puppy K: dogs ready to party down. Here, a final romp with a costumed Sedgewick...

Rest assured, we learned a lot. We are so happy to report that his walking has seen vast improvements and we're finally not so embarassed to enlist the services of a dog walker. And these days, when he feels like it, he shows impulse control like we have never seen. We'll miss you Denise, Beckett, and Sedgewick! Can't wait to see you again in either the 'hood or the next level.

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