Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: the gordy you know and love...

Dear readers, we have missed you. Things have been very busy in our lives as of late. There has been a return to office life which results in both Gordy's loneliness during the days (sigh) and an unfortunate lack of time to tediously document all facets of his life. Please bear with us as we try to play a little catch up this week.

But Gordy is doing great, thanks for asking! Needless to say, much has happened in the interim. Most notably, his entrance into manhood. Much to the horror of my once innocent perception of my young pup. It began as a suspicious, shall we say, "thrust movement" when Gordy was visiting Daphne somewhat recently. The state of affairs these days is more along the lines of me locking him behind closed doors in total denial of the spawning he's capable of. But in actuality both time constraints and brief spurts of slight illness have kept us away from the free for all that could ensue. Therefore, it wasn't until Gordy's return to Puppy Kindergarten that I witnessed the extent of young Gordon's pervy ways. Believe me when I tell you that once the feeling strikes him, he is unstoppable. This is quite a sight considering he usually prefers dogs at least double his weight and aims usually for their necks or sides. We're trying to discourage the behavior to spare him some shame.

More updates/reviews coming soon. Thanks to all those who have sent in suggestions!

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