Sunday, October 28, 2007

GORDY UPDATE: virginia is for lovers

We've recently been in Virginia basking in the country life in a small town called Lovettsville where Gordy frolicked with creatures great and small. There were the horses, the frogs, the fish, and the lady friend. We were lucky enough to stumble upon Georges Mill, a beautiful, incredibly animal friendly bed-and-breakfast whose owner had a glorious golden retriver with fur that sparkled and flowed in the afternoon breeze. Gordy, of course, found her irresistable. Lucky for us, he kept it (mostly) G-rated.

Some quiet moments in the solitude of nature's splendor...

I have to say, he was really great in the car (12 hours!), at rest stops, and in the wild. We actually felt pretty bad returning him to city life but he seems fine to settle with the simple satisfaction of trash on the sidewalks of Brooklyn being the highlight of his evenings. Poor Abby.... Gordy just loves em and leaves em.

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