Thursday, October 25, 2007


New classes are starting from Empire of the Dog (of which Gordy is so proudly an alumnist of both Puppy K I and II!) . See below:

PUPPY Kindergarten II [the sequel] [4wks 150.00]
Graduated pup class, eager for more...develop better, faster responses from your pup!
SAT OCTOBER 27th at 9:45 AM [eva's play pups]

PUPPY K [4 wks 150.00]
HURRY! this starts THIS saturday!
SAT October 20th 12:15 ; includes coffee, bagels and an hour of FREE play after class at eva's play pups
MON November 5th 7pm [grand st space]

TRICKS!!!! [5 wks 195.00]
The holidays are almost upon us. Impress your friends this holiday season with DOG TRICKS!
SAT November 3rd 11am @Eva's play pups
No prerequisites needed for tricks class.

Basic Manners/Obedience [ 6 wks 230.00]
Take your puppy's manners to the top!
Monday November 5th 8:30pm [grand st space]

Small Dogs Rock [6 wks 230.00]
Basic manners especially for small toy breeds. Includes off leash playtime and socialization
Sunday NOVEMBER 4th 9:45 am @ Kiki's Pet spa on Dekalb ave, [fort greene]

SUNDAY October 28th 2pm @ 415 Grand Street Studio.
Like a knitting circle, but with clicker training and freeshaping.
[this is an informal group I'm setting up for people who want to learn about or do
more clicker free-shaping with their dogs. Especially good for you if you have taken tricks class or worked with
free-shaping previously.
$10. for an hour + of shaping practice and advice in a group setting.

FOR DETAILS on these classes, visit the website classes section
or email denise directly at denise at !

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