Saturday, January 5, 2008

from brooklyn, with love

It brings a little song to my heart when I stumble upon locally-made organic dog goodies such as these by Robbie Dawg. Lisa Fortunato, the Brooklyn based owner, creator, and not-to-mention mother to Robbie, started her company as a labor of love for her Tibetan Spaniel who, like so many dogs, was sensitive to all the varying what not found in mass market treats. What results are (what I can only assume to be) delicious snacks made with free-range turkey, organic meat, hormone free dairy etc. Hooray!

What's more, Robbie Dawg is a proud supporter of Bide-a-Wee, providing 30lbs of biscuits and 100 sampler packs per MONTH. Impressive, no? Kinda makes you feel like you've been investing a little too much time and energy into watching Twin Peaks DVDs instead of being philanthropic in the New Year, no? Or okay, maybe that's just us...

And do not let us fail to mention their Biscuit of the Month club, Let's Go For a Walk tins, and Little Lulu's dog and cat treats. If only all companies could be like Robbie Dawg. Sigh...
$3 and up

(photos from robbie dawg)