Thursday, February 21, 2008

found my animal

So it's admittedly taken us a bit longer to get on track with posting than we thought, but it brings true joy to our hearts to mark a triumphant return with something so charming and worthwhile as another local labor of love, FOUND MY ANIMAL - "accessories for adopted animals and their people".

Now I know what you're thinking... it's a total sham for us to even endorse such a thing when we are the very perpetrators of scheduled and purebred dog adoption. But know this: I am a supporter through and through of the adoption of strays. As I have stated - however vaguely - in the past, there were many factors leading up to our own very personal decision to adopt a purebred puppy. I have owned strays, endorse strays, believe strongly and encourage animal adoption. Gordy is just a very special exception (as has been the case in most facets of his pampered life).

Nevertheless! By using a FOUND leash, one is not only raising awareness regarding adoption but contributing part of the proceeds to the Louis Animal foundation. To boot, they are clever, innovative, functional and an overall aesthetically pleasing delight to the senses.

Per the website's description: Each rope is hand-spliced and the ends "whipped" (an old nautical term) to withstand thousands of pounds of pull. The individually-numbered brass tags on each FOUND leash serve as a reminder of the uniqueness of your animal and allow us keep track of the number of animals we have helped so far.

Check out the website for further details and instructions/suggestions on customized wear, etc.

We're in love!
$42 and up

(photographs from found my animal )

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