Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alice Wang: Pet Plus

Uh... I think this deserves an O.M.G.

Basically it's products like this that remind me why I have a dog related blog. Because if I didn't, I wouldn't spend such a shameful amount of time looking for dog related things, and man oh man, I would have never found this little gem.

Some background, if you please:

Pet Plus is a project aiming to explore how people treat their pets as human surrogates. Perhaps in the future, social supplements can be bought just like vitamns and other health products. Pet Plus offers various packages acting as social supplements encouraging further interaction between humans and their dogs. Pet Plus invites you to embark on a brand new social adventure!

The above photo is a leash which you hold as if you are holding someone's hand (instructions included). There's also dishwasher safe plates, matching glasses, a snappy bib, and a pillow for two. Wow.

Oh Alice Wang! How clever, how strange. Does anyone else feel a little self conscious looking at this?

(photos from alice wang)