Sunday, December 7, 2008

And so there's a starter package...

Uh, what can I say? I've got puppies on the brain. And so I just so happened to stumble back on the (new, improved, and super slick) website for the eiCrate. These people are so smart... not only do they have what is easily the most attractive and best designed crate on the face of the planet, they're also conveniently offering a starter package which includes a crate, liner, half ouef bed, and form fitting cover. Plus, the prices are a bit lower these days and you can now buy directly from the site's store.

Now, I know we have a plain ol' rectangular crate left over from our previous puppy adventures but if anyone just so happens to find one of these, I don't know, on the side of the road or something.. and feels like donating one to me I guess I could make room for it. Okay thanks!!

(photo from go! pet design)

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