Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dirty Little Dog: Fantasia collection

Dirty Little Dog has a new collection coming out!

Behold... Fantasia!

In their words:

"Fantasia" refers to the imaginary world that is inspired by our childhood, one of the most nostalgic and often memorable times of our lives. This collection, both unique and personal, is filled with the innocence and souvenirs of childhood.

This is about as wild as it gets.... And we absolutely love it! Stay tuned for its arrival on their website.
$32 and up

(sketch from dirty little dog)


Karolina said...

this is absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing these wonderful news! How cool! Can't wait to treat my little darling Sissi (and myself) with some great items. And the timing is simply perfect:-). Do you have any more info on when we can start ordering? If not, I can get in touch with them and ask and let you know what they said. I have experience ordering from them and they are super reliable and fast in getting back.
Thank you again and happy holidays

gordy said...

Karolina - The Fantasia collection is in the process of being added to the site but you can already order directly from Dirty Little Dog directly (just contact them via info at We've had a bit of a sneak peak and can predict you will not be disappointed!

Karolina said...

Thank you very much! We can't wait!
Sissi & Karolina

Liz said...

I love Dirty Little Dog! I've ordered from them a few times and have always been very satisfied. It's sad though that they are coming to an end... where would I get cute doggie clothes from now on?