Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Master of Puppies

Okay, we couldn't resist.

One, we are suckers for dog sweatshirts (the french bulldog's neck being naturally unflattered by the all too common doggie turtleneck) and two, more than one member of this household has a past checkered by heavy metal. So wouldn't you know, Benjamin Weinman (creative force behind Dillinger Escape Plan, dontcha know) has decided to venture into the dog apparel business and so was spawned... GARMUTT!

Choices include Black Labbath, Def Shepherd, Petallica et al (available as tees or sweatshirts), all handsomely inspired and modeled by Weinman's pug Blix.

You know you kind of love this.

$29 and up

(photos from garmutt)