Sunday, January 11, 2009


Little P had his very first foray into Puppy Kindergarten yesterday morn. Sadly there are no photos to document this monumental event as my better half has left us to our own devices for the weekend and therefore could not offer us his photo-journalistic stylings. I offer you instead a pitiful image from a few days ago of Petey being manhandled during bath time.

Regardless, it was a very productive morning and, as if hypnotized into submission either by Denise or that surly seventeen week old terrier, Petey has been nothing but a perfect gentleman ever since. If only every day were Puppy K!

Lessons learned and re-learned: the beauty of tethering and alone time (!!!), collar grabs with a treat reward, the brilliant notion of not calling luring your dog away from playtime only to remove him immediately and therefore teach him to ignore you, tiring the little one out mentally with puzzles i.e. no more food in a dish (sorry, man!) and the beginnings of the much feared (and much loved once mastered) PUPPY PUSH-UP... 

Kong stuffing aside, he was so tuckered out by the hour plus of puppy hootenanny that he basically crashed all day and, for the first time since we got him, slept peacefully through the night. Which, to say the least, blew my mind. This makes me wonder quietly to myself whether we may or may not want to experiment with some day trips during the week to Eva's Play Pups once in awhile after this whole vaccine/house-arrest nonsense is over with. To be continued....

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