Monday, January 12, 2009

PETEY UPDATE: a stink peek into our lives

I feel the need, however disgusting and/or telling, to meticulously document the circumstances I was faced with upon my arrival home this evening. Mostly because I need to get a life... and also because I have no idea what may or may not have transpired today while we were at work....

In crate (door open):

1 dog
1 hollow bone, licked halfway clean of peanut butter
1 half of stuff-able rubber toy (originally stuffed and left upon my departure), food approx. 90% consumed
1 pile of either spilled food or... vomit?
1 folded, clean blanket
1 Nylabone, originally left outside of crate, under blanket

Outside of crate, within pen:

1 soiled wee wee pad
2 indicators of what were once piles of poop, one on wee wee pad, one on floor
1 (other) half of stuff-able rubber toy (left for dogwalker to place upon departure), 100% full of food
1 kong (also left with dog walker to place upon departure), 100% full of peanut butter
1 bowl, half full of water

Outside of pen, within apartment:

1 leash attached to collar, hung on back of door just so, typical dog walker style

So... when I left, Petey presumably continued eating and consumed most of his morning meal and at some point either declined what was left (for whatever reason) or puked it. I also know that the dog walker must have taken him outside. What I don't know is when he pooped, whether it was pre or post meals, pre or post dog walker. I do however know that at some point, and of this I am certain, Petey decided to consume this poop(s). Simultaneously, he has also decided to reject portions of both his first and second rounds of actual food (very atypical for the french bulldog ) and, let me remind you, consumed poop instead. Again... he left the food, but ate the poop.

Now, did he poop, eat it, and then decide he didn't want his food? Or is poop infinitely tastier than food -even peanut butter and he just became full? DO french bulldogs even ever become full? Did the poop actually make him feel bad to the point he was on hunger strike? What made him ultimately abandon both the first and second peanut butter stuffed items? Did he or did not not vomit in his crate? Was he repulsed by puking enough to leave the food (and reject it later) and therefore still, ultimately, find the poop more appetizing? If he hates the food so much, why eat the poop which is full of said food? And, by the way, when did he bury the nylabone?

Of note is that when I walked over and released him from his pen, he IMMEDIATELY gravitated towards the peanut butter stuffed kong. Why now? What made him ignore it prior to this moment? Could the dog walker have worn him out so thoroughly that he simply went to sleep afterwards, thus ignoring the food and kong? Or was the dog walker's departure, in fact, the pivotal moment that the poop(s) dropped therefore distracting him permanently? Was this the second poop???????


To be continued...

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