Thursday, October 8, 2009

Molly Mutt: New Products + 10% off!

I was so happy to get an email this morning from the clever folks at Molly Mutt letting me know they've recently added new prints and products to their shop. No surprise, they're easy on the eyes, to say the least!

If you haven't already stumbled upon Molly Mutt, here's the idea: we've all got a shameful assortment of old clothes, blankets, towels, and the what not that we've failed to donate or tend to. My neighbors who stroll past my array of clothes-filled Ikea bags that I store in our hall with the best intentions to re-sell to Beacon's Closet yet never get around would happily attest to this sad fact.  The very worst case scenario would be for me to throw it away, right? But given my undeniable laziness, what's the solution? Enter: Molly Mutt.  They say stuff the clothes in their ingenious stuff sacks, cover it with one of their adorable, song themed, machine washable duvets, and everyone (you, your neighbors, your dog, and mother earth) can rejoice! Hooray!

And as a super party bonus, they're currently offering WAG/BARK readers 10% off when they wagbark at checkout ! You can pick and choose your duvets and stuff sacks separately or buy one of their ingenious DIY Kits.  Free shipping on orders over $75. 


(photos from molly mutt)

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