Thursday, October 15, 2009

PETEY UPDATE: Anticipation

At this very moment, our little mister is getting an MRI. 

Yesterday morning he had his follow up with our new (beloved!) vet to see what the progress was on his miserable crate rest. The progress was that there was no progress. Which we basically knew. An appointment was made for a neurological consultation at the Animal Medical Center (one of the single most fascinating establishments in this city, by the way) for this morning at 9:30am.

The neurologist (lovely woman who was so helpful and informative last week) observed him with us for a bit and then took him on a long stroll where we're told he charmed the entire staff of AMC. She then came back and told us her various theories. The oversimplified scenarios in order of perceived likelihood: a malformation he was born with (something surgery cannot fix), a herniated disc or similar injury (something surgery could potentially fix), or something infectious/cancerous/etc (least likely but cannot be ruled out). In her estimation, an MRI will reveal all. 

So now we wait. 

Can I just say, anesthesia is the most nerve wracking element for the very short time being. And/or leaving him there in general. I! AM! FREAKING! OUT! I will be getting a call in approximately one hour's time to let me know he's come out of it safely. Trying to stay incredibly busy all the while.

Pins! Needles! 

To be continued, as usual....


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