Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PETEY UPDATE: Convalescence, Day Two

Another trip to the vet and things are, for the most part, status quo.  More than anything we are feeling reassured and also very grateful to have stumbled on such warm, educated vets such as those we've seen and talked to in the last 48 hours. Poor little P is still prescribed strict crate rest but we're no longer keeping ourselves up at night wondering whether or not his circling around in his crate or standing up on the couch will result in his being paralyzed for life. And to be clear, he's not paralyzed - he's wonky! But, the vet is very concerned.  And for all we know, this is going to be a challenging road ahead of us. 

Meanwhile, he's as peppy as ever. The vet confirmed he's almost definitely not feeling pain at all. Which is great, of course, but we can still see the WTF look in his eyes when we deny him all manner of fun and playfulness.  To add to his frustrations, it's been decided he also needs to lay off the rope toys due to his overly physical habits i.e. entrail removal simulations. Sigh.

The quest for four weeks worth of entertainment lingers on.  If only he could get into Lost and Mad Men?