Monday, October 12, 2009

PETEY UPDATE: Convalescence, Days Three through Seven

As the title of this post implies, we've not even bothered to chronicle the details of the last five days. Mostly because they've all melded together into one big lump of crate time, chew time, and sleepy time. To put it simply: CRATE REST SUCKS.

Ahem... with one exception.  And this one's a revelation, folks:

Holy crap. 

These might be the best dog chews ever? They're as tough to widdle down as they are irresistible... and during a time when laying down is all one can do (and remember, no rope toys!) these are a tiny little miracle. They're not stinky, they don't splinter, and as far as Petey's concerned, they're the equivalent of catnip. Or heroin?  With three weeks left to go, I literally have orders in at several of my favorite sites and my eyes peeled at all pet shops. If you're in the Brooklyn area, you can buy the above ANTLERZ (the name!!!) at PS9 where I'm told a new order is en route. Petey happily tackled the large size of this particular brand and got it down to teensy weensy choke hazard size in two exuberantly chew-filled evenings. 

Knowing me and my nerd-out potential, there's a high probability for comparison chew tests so stay tuned.

$7 and up 
(Available at PS9, Olive, Uncommon Hound, etc.)

(photo from olive)

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