Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We definitely owe the glory of Unleash: Brooklyn a full, in-depth post (I am so in love with this place!) but in the meantime, check out their current Game Day promotion....

So you want to go watch the games, but feel bad about your dog getting shafted while your away?  Unleash has got you covered! Introducing our new service for the ENTIRE SEASON
Playoffs and Superbowl Party Included! Enjoy Sunday or Monday Night. A Portion of the Game Day Proceeds goes to support Dog Habitat Rescue Dogs.

Need I say more?

I have been assured by someone in the know that I need not love football to enjoy these weekly events...only dogs and/or beer. And lucky for me, I happen to love both of those things! 

Check out the recent coverage from the Daily News (including a video and, dare I say, dog cheerleaders in training). 

Fingers crossed of my bizarrely full weekend schedule clearing sometime in the very near future.

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