Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PETEY UPDATE: alternative measures

This morning we bore witness to Petey's second acupuncture treatment.

That's right, I said it: DOG ACUPUNCTURE!

If you're curious, it's approached almost exactly the same as it would be for a human and is thought to be equally as effective. I happen to have a particular belief in the powers of Chinese medicine and it turned out our new veterinary clinic has a certified acupuncturist (who's also a vet) on staff.  After a well timed free presentation/Q&A we determined lil' P might in fact be a really good candidate. It's surprisingly more affordable than we'd initially imagined and we're going to go ahead and give it the ol' whirl. In spite of his bewildered appearance above, he's actually taken to it quite well. A star patient was the term if I recall?!

As I am known to do, I'll now share a breakdown of the process:

First, an examination of sorts. Our doctor had at this point already reviewed his history and diagnosis from AMC which, along with a few personality questions (!), determined the various points and channels to concentrate on. 

First, a point on the head known to relax...

Then,  after counting carefully along his spine (based on the information from the MRI), a series of needles are concentrated circa ground zero of Petey's spine.

A close-up of the assortment!  Please note that Petey was perfectly calm throughout and never showed any sign of irritation or pain. His only trauma seemed centered around the fact that the needles were not, in fact, treats. That and the fact he was not free to roam and seduce female doctors.

Finally, two points on the backs of the legs.

And then we wait and wait and wait and wait (approximately 20 minutes).

Eventually our lovely doctor returns, the needles are removed, and he receives a bonus B12 injection on his back, thought to ever so mildly irritate, i.e. stimulate, the points.

And voila! Organic treat and we're on our way. Or at least on our way after a few drunk seeming first steps (she later tells me this is really common and I will decide to take it as a sign that something was actually targeted and a-brewing in there). 

 These photos were actually from our first session but this morning's was much the same except he launched into a nap in the last five minutes.

So far as everything else is concerned since the last we posted RE: Back Problemz '09, we've been back to AMC as well. They acknowledged improvement, but after much discussion and analysis (behind closed doors, unfortunately) they informed us that it's not "enough" improvement and that we'll start to reduce steroids gradually but we'll still have to keep a possibility of surgery in the equation. But we have time. For now. Sigh. And we have optimism! And we have killer cuteness and what seems like an endless supply of antler chews. And, of course, we now have ancient Chinese secrets....

Things can't be too bad.


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