Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PETEY UPDATE: pending a miracle?

Above, Petey's moment of meditative relaxation at this morning's (third) acupuncture treatment. This is a dog IN THE ZONE.

And now: story time.

As I mentioned in a recent post, we returned a couple of weeks ago to AMC mainly to be told that we had better (mentally? emotionally? FINANCIALLY?!) prepare ourselves for the prospect of surgery. A prospect which we were doing our very best to completely deny and shove in the deep, dark recesses of our brains. In the meantime, they took blood and commenced a round of tests and serums which no one was all together optimistic about, just to be on the safe side and to rule out every unlikely possibility.

Well what do you know, we got some very interesting news last week. That news is that Petey tested as having really high levels of antibodies which are known to be present in conjunction with a little thing called NEOSPORA. Neospora, dontcha know, JUST SO HAPPENS to cause our friend the SUBERARACHNOID CYST. And what I am now telling you in layman's terms is that he is believed to have an infection treatable with antibiotics. And what that means is that he could literally be cured of all his ailments. And what that means is the potential of no surgery, no wonkiness, no limp, no weakness, no gait, no crate rest, no nothin'.


I am now writing you from the beyond because this news basically killed me.

I have been told repeatedly since this moment just how rare this particular infection is and how most vets would never even know or think to test for it. It shows up most often in large animals (e.g. cattle) and Petey likely got it in utero, passed down from who knows what level of his family tree.  Let this post be my personal valentine to Animal Medical Center and the city of New York expressing how lucky we are feeling to be in our capable neurological specialist's hands and to have the benefit of these resources.

With all that said, nothing is 100%, of course. Petey had already been doing so well with acupuncture that we're continuing it in the meantime (see above). But never throughout the course of this drama have I felt so optimistic. He's got a very long course of antibiotics ahead of him (don't even get me started on the doggie drug den that is our kitchen table these days) but he's handling them beautifully with little to no side effects. Steroids are being tapered (hallelujah!) and we'll just wait and see from here.


(P.S.: thanks to everyone for the ongoing kind emails and for continuing to read through these sagas.  I am hoping to commence happier, product and merriment related posts sooner than later.)


Cate said...

I thought I would pop by and check what you are up to. Your product is wonderful and I featured it on my blog last year. Hope everything is going well for you...be back again soon. Keep up the good work

Mudgie said...

my friend's dearest cat has been getting acupuncture treatments as well and it has really made a huge difference!!

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CYNDAI said...

Wow, never really thought about getting acupuncture for pets, but it seems like a great alternative to other forms of treatment. Best of luck to your dog.

Loryn said...

Just came across your blog, I too am a huge dog lover, and will be following your blog. I hope Petey is feeling better!

Paprika said...

hey! loved your blogue! I think my dog needs some acupuncture treatments as well!
So please take a look at my blogue and if you like it turn yourself into a follower! haha
See you around <3

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Courtney S. said...

Thank you for sharing this information with me. I think that vets should test for this if the symptoms are seen. Petey is lucky the doctors found this information before the surgery took place. I hope that the antibiotics work. Good luck.
Courtney S.

Courtney S. said...

Thank you for sharing this information with me. I think that vets should test for this if the symptoms are seen. Petey is lucky the doctors found this information before the surgery took place. I hope that the antibiotics work. Good luck.
Courtney S.

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